Kohler Eir Toilet

Kohler Eir Toilet
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The Kohler Eir Revit family toilet has an elegant contour, and individually tailored finishing touches will create a distinctive presence in any bathroom. There is simply no comparison, boasting an array of user-friendly functions such as a heated seat, adaptable cleansing, soothing nightlight, touchless operation, automatic flushing, and even a touchscreen remote. Additionally, its streamlined tankless and skirted design, coupled with a wall-mounted installation, enables discreet connections, transforming the toilet into a stunning focal point for your bathroom space.

With its versatile design, this Revit family toilet is an asset to architectural projects seeking a modern, adaptable, and visually pleasing bathroom fixture. This meticulously designed Revit family toilet embodies modern functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted to integrate into architectural designs seamlessly, this toilet offers a harmonious blend of form and function.

Manufacturer: Kohler

Product Page: Kohler Eir