Dryer Generic

Dryer Generic
  • Version RVT 2009
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modeDryer Revit family for schematic architectural drawings.

This Revit family represents a generic dryer appliance for use in residential or commercial laundry room architectural projects.

Family Features:

Floor-mounted for flexibility in placement.
Fixed-size covering various dryer models.
Simple geometry for easy visibility in floor plans and 3D views.
Optional shared parameter for assigning a material (e.g., stainless steel).
Basic model for generic representation, not intended for highly detailed renderings.
CAD imported model.


Improve laundry room space planning with accurate appliance placement.
Increase design efficiency with a pre-built, modifiable family.
Enhance model clarity with a recognizable dryer symbol.


This is a generic family and does not represent a specific dryer model.
For highly detailed models, consider using manufacturer-provided Revit families.
This family allows you to incorporate dryers into your laundry room designs without needing to model every detail. It provides a placeholder for accurate space allocation and overall design communication.