Roof Access Vertical Ladder

Roof Access Vertical Ladder
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Roof Access Vertical Ladder Revit Family is a highly detailed parametric 3D model designed to represent a steel ladder system for Autodesk Revit projects accurately. It is ideal for architectural, engineering, and construction projects that include functional and visually appealing steel ladders for roof access.

The Steel Vertical Ladder .rfa family is built using Revit's parametric capabilities, allowing users to easily modify its dimensions, width, height, number of steps, and overall structure to meet specific project requirements. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into various building designs and layouts.

Standard wall mounting brackets for wall attachments. It can be used for roof/deck heights 20 feet or less.

Typical use of roof access vertical ladder :

  • Provides easy access to a flat or low parapet roof.
  • Provide access to an attic.
  • Exterior access to docks, decks, platforms, and mezzanines.


Manufacturer: UPNOVR, Inc