Simple Ellipse Tree

Simple Ellipse Tree
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The Simple Ellipse Tree Revit family is a 3D model designed for use in architectural and landscaping projects within the Revit software environment. This specific tree family is characterized by its minimalist and geometric form, with the main structure resembling an ellipse. Here's a medium description highlighting the key features:

Geometric Form: The tree family features a straightforward and elegant design and a simplified elliptical shape for branches. This minimalist approach provides versatility for various project aesthetics.Trunk and Branches: The central trunk is the primary support structure, extending into elliptical branches. Absence of Leaves:

Unlike traditional tree families, this particular model does not include leaves or foliage. The focus is on the clean lines and simplicity of the elliptical structure.Parametric Dimensions:

The family is parameterized, allowing users to customize key dimensions such as height, width, and overall size. This flexibility ensures adaptability to different design requirements.

Materials and Textures: The trunk and branches can be textured realistically, conveying the appearance of wood or other relevant materials. Material customization options enhance the visual quality of the tree within the Revit project.

Ease of Integration: Designed for seamless integration into Revit projects, the simple ellipse tree family is easy to place, manipulate, and customize. It contributes to the overall landscape design without overwhelming the scene.

Efficient Rendering: The simplicity of the design allows for efficient rendering and performance within the Revit environment. The model strikes a balance between visual impact and resource optimization.

Adaptable for Various Environments: Suitable for a range of architectural and landscaping contexts, the simple ellipse tree can complement both modern and traditional design themes. Its versatility makes it applicable to different project scenarios.


The simple ellipse tree Revit family is user-friendly, making it accessible to architects, designers, and other professionals working on Revit projects. Its uncomplicated design contributes to a streamlined and efficient design process.
This medium description encapsulates the key characteristics of a Simple Ellipse Tree Revit family, emphasizing its geometric simplicity, adaptability, and ease of integration into diverse architectural and landscaping contexts.